how to stay healthy ? Are you hoping that you may live a healthy life and make the years to come better or even the best? having a healthy lifestyle is not that hard, its actually very easy and also pocket friendly and what would be a better gift for this Christmas if not learning how to stay healthy.
Below are some few easy steps to help you keep or start leaving a healthy life;


1. Exercise

once you have achieved in balancing your diet, you need to also exercise or else you will be doing nothing. There will be no end results. If you burn more calories than what you eat, your weight will definitely drop, but if you eat more calories than what you burn, you will gain weight.
Another thing that we forget when trying to handle this type of situation, is that there are a lot of articles that have different versions about health and the best thing you can do is to shut off everything for example shut your television, your radio and also your INTERNET and just go out and do something meaningful. Anaerobic exercise burns calories, helps the health of your heart, builds muscles and helps in the formation of your bone density. The best exercise is walking. Walk around your neighborhood everyday or every time you are free, go to the shopping mall without your car, just make sure that you are always on the move. Walking also increases your bone density, builds endurance and also strengthens your heart. But before you start doing any kind of exercise, it is important to first visit your doctor to know if you are healthy enough to start working out. You can start small and work your way up to stay healthy


2. Sleep

after exercising and eating right, the next thing should be relaxing your body; get some sleep.
The average human being needs around eight hours of sleep every night. Sleep is very important since its the time when your body repairs itself, heals and also rejuvenates itself in a way that it can’t do when you were awake. Lack of sleep affects our mood, motor skills, concentration, metabolism and so much more. It is also said that people who sleep less than six hours a night had a higher death rate than those who slept more than six hours.


3. Eat properly

Obesity is a huge problem in many parts of this world. More adults as well as children are gaining weight at a very high speed.
Some of it is hereditary but the high percentage is due to poor diet. Various books have been written about diets over the past years from low fat diets, low carbohydrate diets to high protein diets and so forth but unfortunately, the minute one goes to try this diets, someone else comes along and says that the diet don’t work or are not healthy. Its very frustrating. While they may be useful, they might be hard to follow. What you can do is to try and moderate everything you eat. Don’t over eat but eat a variety of foods so as to balance your intake. You can only lose weight when you take in fewer calories every day. Another thing to remember is to never skip breakfast. Skipping this meal may cause the body to eat more later in the day.

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